I get a little restless sometimes. Sitting around, doing my day-to-day tasks, living life in the ordinary. And I get a little restless, because even as I sit, doing my tasks, carrying on normally, my mind is elsewhere. I look at a golf course and I see the rolling hills of Ireland, I stare at the asphalt and envision the cobble-stoned streets of Florence, I close my eyes and can envision Paris at night with the low-lit lamps lining the stoned bridges with the Eiffel Tower in the distance and soft music filling the air. I can’t go anywhere without seeing something else. I can’t focus on where I am now because I am in a constant state of desiring to be elsewhere. I yearn to live life extraordinarily, and there is just something about mediocrity that drives me insane.

I am certain that I will not be content until I have escaped mediocrity in some way and have disappeared to go off and live within the world, seeing all of its remarkable creation, experiencing everything that is new and different, and falling in love all over again with each new place I venture.

I know that there is something in me. Maybe it’s something wrong, I don’t know, but something in me that tells me not to be satisfied with life as it is. That there is so much more to life and there should be nothing standing in my way from going and experiencing and living. Even if that means drifting from the path of normalcy a little bit. Everyone is so terrified of standing out and of being different yet they preach like it is there religion but when actually given the opportunity to do something, to be different and consequentially stand out they shy away from it. But as for me, I am not afraid of standing out, of setting myself apart, I’ve been doing it since I was little and the consequences? Being marked as different, sometimes even being ostracized or mocked, well that doesn’t bother me one bit because those people are just as terrified as you were before you made your move. They just don’t have the guts to act, to put themselves out there, to be different.

So instead, they go through life learning to be okay with normal, accepting mediocrity as their life, and telling themselves to the day they die that they’re happy even though they know they’re not fooling anyone. But as for you and me, we are those that are not afraid to take that step towards the unknown and away from normalcy. And with each step, as our hearts beats a little bit faster, and the smiles on our faces grow a little bit wider, we start to feel a sense of peace, of complete jubilation as we venture into the extraordinary and we know that what we are doing is something remarkable.

So this, these words, are for the light of heart, the ones who yearn to be of the world not simply someone in it, and who desire to grab their life and utilize all that they are given while they still can. This is for the travel hungry, and those that desire to live extraordinarily and laugh in the face of mediocrity. This is for those who are restless.




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