No, I won’t


No I won’t stand still no sir I won’t.
You can’t keep me here and I won’t stay.
My eyes are on you while my mind is in the world
and my heart, well it beats for those of it
not simply inside it.
No I won’t stand still no sir I can’t.
I can’t stand still, not even a moment longer
not even long enough to take a picture,
to the shake a camera,
to yell “Cheese”.
For time is running out my friend
and we are selfishly wasting it, running down the clock,
and for what? for who?
No I won’t.
I won’t I can promise you that,
and hear me now for I can only say this once
You can reach and grab and cling and try to drag me down
but you won’t, because you can’t
For I am not of this place,
not of this world,
and your feeble attempts to make me still
will all be for nothing.
Because I was never here to stay,
just like I was never yours to have,
never yours to hold.
All of the people around me,
they all close in,
trying to grab on, to hold on.
They want me here, they want me for their own
but they don’t understand.
They listen but they don’t hear me,
they’ll never hear me, they’ll never know.
I find myself pushing and shoving trying to break free
to take flight and let my feet hit the pavement.
I don’t know where I’m going but I know
I can’t stay here, no.
No, I won’t. I can’t.
There’s a world over there and I have to see it.
The foolish sit and stare at a wall and think they know the world
but I won’t believe it, no not until I see it.
So my decision is made clear and my path is aligned,
all that’s left is the journey on.
Because I won’t sit still, no sir I won’t,
not for you,
not for now,
not for anything.

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